Become an Independent Distributor with Stream Cosmetics

The Future of Makeup is High Definition Airbrush Cosmetics!

 Be the First Distributor in Your Area Selling AIRBRUSH MAKEUP through Stream! 

 Stream is the NEW BRAND of color cosmetics that has now found its way out of Hollywood and into our homes! This is a high-demand product that is quickly replacing conventional makeup and mineral powder cosmetics. Prior to January, high-end airbrush makeup systems were only available to Hollywood celebrity makeup artists directly, or through exclusive retail stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

 NOW airbrush cosmetics are going to be available to everyone through independent distributors for Stream!

 As many of us know firsthand, selling cosmetics is a highly competitive and oversaturated market, which makes it difficult to prosper.  If you have found yourself, like many other struggling distributors, floundering at the bottom of a top direct-sell beauty company, consider giving your business plan a MAKEOVER. 

 Now it’s time to be part of an elite, one-of-a-kind cosmetics company who has 99% of the market share for airbrush makeup with patent-pending technology that is truly innovative.  There are no other MLM beauty companies that can touch this level of exclusivity and product innovation, and that is what makes the opportunity truly unique and ripe for the picking! 

 We are ready to sign up our “Founders Circle” of top-level distributors who are ready to embark on a glamorous journey of personal and professional achievement! Stream Cosmetics is a company designed for women who are ready to claim their share of the billion-dollar a year cosmetics industry. Because Stream offers a product line that is completely untouched by any other direct seller, this translates into a lucrative endeavor for distributors! Get in on the ground floor and start earning immediately through our simple quick-start program!

-Earn up to $2000 a Week


-Full / Part Time (as little as 1 hour a week)

-No Competition


-Early Profits from 20-50% retail

-Convenient Auto Ships to your Customers

-Buy for 1, Sell for 2

-Inventory Purchases @100% ROI

To become an Independent Beauty Consultant for Stream, you are only required to purchase your $50 Stream Starter Kit (SSK), which includes ALL of the following:

-Your “Getting Started” DVD

-Complete Business Plan Binder

-Exclusive Peacock Lapel Pin

-Your OWN Retail Website – start driving traffic NOW!

-Invitations / Event Postcards

-Retail Product Order Forms

-Airbrush Cosmetics Planner

-Product Catalogs

-Recruiting Brochures


Benefit from strong growth and advancement opportunities, residual income, cash bonuses and a flexible start-up plan. Remember: There are NO INVENTORY REQUIREMENTS! Come discover this beautiful new enterprise!

 Stream is NOT your average cosmetics opportunity, but a true once-in-a-lifetime chance to embark on the maiden voyage of what is poised to become the hottest direct-sales cosmetics program available! With Stream, you will be part of our truly innovative team of airbrush makeup developers, scientists and award winning airbrush makeup artists. Visit our website to learn more about how to flourish in this glamorous industry! Together, we will experience The Beauty of Living Well.

For more information on the opportunity, please visit our website at or email

Happy Selling!

Stream Cosmetics

Check Stream Out on Youtube: and viw our Stream of  Change Video

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